Sinan Ergün

Master Class - Istanbul

You will learn the international language of haircut by applying it from long hair to short hair.

You will learn by applying the international language of the haircut from long hair to short hair, you will learn the steps of Perma application on the pupet head, discuss the coloring techniques in detail, make applications from the formulas on the pupet head to the technique, You will provide works that can be reflected to the commercial and salons on collection models depending on the current fashion, Theoretical and We have prepared a full class program with practical sections, which we support with the studies on learning the international language of the system and reflecting it to the halls, where we support you with the training file and convey the steps used to convey the information received. 

At the end of the training, a certificate will be issued in international validity.

Detaylı Bilgi
Etkinlik Ücreti

1400 TRY

Etkinlik Tarihi

January 27 & 28 From 09:30 to 17:30

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Etkinlik Galerisi

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